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Managed IT Services

We recognise the critical role your systems play in your daily operations, especially as your business expands. We understand that technology may not be your expertise. That's where we step in.

We proactively monitor, manage and maintain your IT infrastructure and support requirements.  It's like having your own internal IT department at a fraction of cost.

From comprehensive project management to software solutions for data security, our focus is on improving business outcomes through technology.

Managed Services

Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT offers the opportunity to delegate IT responsibilities that your in-house IT department might not have the bandwidth for or the expertise to handle to a seasoned third-party IT service provider.

Consider it as a way to bridge the expertise and resource gaps without the need to recruit, educate, and oversee extra staff members.

Comprehensive IT support

Our IT Support Services encompass a wide array of essential functions crucial for smooth business operations. From helpdesk support ensuring swift resolution of user queries to efficient licensing and software management, we cover the entire spectrum. We manage servers and cloud infrastructure, oversee hardware and device purchasing, and streamline onboarding and offboarding processes. Leveraging IT process automation, we enhance efficiency and reduce manual tasks. Additionally, our proactive network monitoring ensures the stability and security of your IT environment, providing comprehensive support every step of the way

Remote Monitoring & Management

Say goodbye to wasted time on mundane tasks and sluggish systems. We proactively monitor and manage your network and devices, enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction. From antivirus monitoring to performance checks on servers, network devices, and workstations, our remote monitoring and management guarantees the operational integrity of your systems. With Flex's proactive maintenance, operational costs are reduced, and issues are swiftly addressed without disrupting employees or causing downtime.

Server Management

Streamline your IT infrastructure with our server management services, easing the burden of purchasing, managing, and provisioning hardware. We specialize in designing and deploying scalable hybrid and native cloud solutions, ensuring agility and efficiency for your business. Our comprehensive approach tackles networking, security, and storage challenges, freeing up your resources for strategic growth initiatives.  Benefit from enhanced scalability, reliability, and security, while we handle server and storage management, product updates, security monitoring, and end-of-life equipment management.


Why Choose a Managed IT Model for Your Business?



Your in-house IT department is overwhelmed. Absences due to holidays, illness, or unplanned leave are common, and signs of staff burnout are evident.


Maintenance Overload

Critical proactive maintenance tasks are neglected. Urgent issues frequently arise, diverting attention from essential patching, updates, and monitoring.


Prioritising Success

You aim to direct your current team towards projects that drive business growth, but routine tasks are holding them back.


Rapid Growth

Your business is rapidly growing, requiring quick scalability. However, budget and time constraints hinder additional hiring. Temporary, short-term assistance is needed to propel you forward.


Hybrid Working Environment

A significant portion of your workforce operates remotely. Concerns persist regarding essential services, particularly regarding security policies and procedures.


Lack of Expertise

Your organisation faces skill gaps in critical areas. Finding suitable talent is challenging, compounded by the scarcity of quality candidates in the current job market and their high salary expectations.


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