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Media & Entertainment IT

We specialise in Media & Entertainment IT infrastructure, enhancing the technological capabilities of Media and Entertainment organisations through tailored solutions. Our expertise covers M&E strategy, governance, compliance, and workflow security for production, post, and VFX. We excel in hybrid on-premises, data centre, and cloud engineering, offering flexible monthly services. Cybersecurity is a top focus, including TPN compliance, pre-audit assessments, penetration testing and remedial work. Recognising the shift to hybrid and cloud-centric workflows, we provide end-to-end solutions for cloud architecture, design, and integration, enabling seamless collaboration. Through our M&E Specialist IT Services, media enterprises have a dedicated partner for efficient, compliant, and secure IT management.

TPN Assessment 

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is an industry-wide cybersecurity initiative, securing movie, film, TV, broadcast, and game content. TPN assessments audit service providers' cybersecurity measures for compliance with MPA Content Security Best Practices, facilitating business success and trust. Join TPN to simplify bidding processes and assure clients of your security commitment.

TPN Assessment Process

A TPN Assessment evaluates service providers' cybersecurity measures, aligning with MPA Content Security Best Practices. It benchmarks ISMS implementation, risk management, and security practices, delivering detailed reports to major studio content owners. Compliance with MPA standards is voluntary, enhancing trust and industry credibility through thorough assessments.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, simulates cyberattacks to uncover system vulnerabilities. By ethically exploiting weaknesses, it evaluates system security. Conducted on computer systems, networks, or applications, its aim is to assess and enhance security through controlled assessments.

TPN Assessment Pathway

The TPN Assessment Pathway offers tailored steps for various facility sizes. Discovery calls and consultations are available. For larger facilities, a Governance Risk & Compliance Policy Starter Pack is offered. Gap Analysis and Readiness services are provided. Assessment costs vary based on location and method. Annual assessments ensure ongoing compliance.


Cybersecurity Services

We can help you protect the most important areas of your business

Risk & Governance

Information Security

Authentication Security

Network & WiFi Security

Email Security

Software Security

Internet Security

Website Security

Device Security

Removable Security

Regulatory Security

Remote Security

Disaster Security

Security Awareness

Policy Library

Operational Security

Anti-Virus Security

Incident Security

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